When PASSION meets AMBITION and DRIVE=Motivation to excel and inspire others!

My drive comes from loosing it all and having to rebuild my whole entire life after a devastating car accident. My huge dreams, aspiration and faith lead me to my new happy life mixing running my businesses and the sport & entertainment industry!

I love to help others and have done several fashion show, red carpet events and photoshoot/video for charity.

>>For booking DM or email (no spam or adult stuff!) 

I am a real estate agent, an avid entrepreneur running a few other business on top of being an Actor, Model and accomplished Athlete with several titles and being an all natural athlete, I am also a fitness NCP competitior Nationally Qualified which is hard to do. The level is very high at the Nationals.


What makes me different from me competitors if my versatility in front of the camera and outside of it.  I can step of the red capet or the runway, model in luxury for high fashion and get dirty for a fitness shoot. or even film a stunt scene thanks to my martial art skills.


I am reliable and can be reached at the drop of a hat for any gig, anywhere locally in California, out of state or out of the country.