People always noticed how busy and creative I am and wonder how do I earn my money besides acting and modeling since I am so successful...

I do believe in the millionaire mindset which teaches you to have several streams of income, 8 to be correct...

Here are a few I like to share with you... pick & choose yours and contact me for questions!

Health & Fitness



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Get paid to travel or travel for less?

Need to BUY, SELL, REMODEL or REFINANCE a property or condo?

Put my decade in half to work!


2 offices, 1 large team, 1 amazingly tenacious agent: Angelique Kenney works in both her Beverly hills, Los Angeles,CA & North County San Diego,CA based real estate offices of Four Season Realty. Serving the metropoles of San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles,CA. All the info you need about our local and national real estate market are at hand.


Veteran Realtor licensed in 3 states: California, Hawaii and Idaho. Sold & renovated hundred of homes. Deal hunter, fierce negotiator & master marketer that never give up till we get your home in escrow!

Agent for professional athletes & the entertainment industry as I'm a pro athlete & SAG actress!


I hold your hand on short sales, while providing all you need to help you succeed in the maze of homeownership and build you back strong after difficult transitions. No transaction is too small or too large. We help our client to rebuild their lives, move out of divorce or financial disaster with dignity & strength!


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